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Perennial's commitment to social and environmental sustainability begins with our design process. Each garment is designed with intention to be both beautiful and functional, naturally resistant to fleeting trends and fragile seasonality. Our silhouettes are inspired by the timeless shapes that generations have treasured before us while being informed by the ease and functionality women desire today. The collection is composed of carefully selected natural fabrics as well as bespoke collaborations between vintage fabric collectors and talented weavers with both people and planet in mind. We are always seeking new collaborations with artisans, makers and designers.



Beginning with fabric sourcing, Perennial strives to support artisans, fabric mills and small businesses that share our dedication to uncompromising quality. We work slowly, in limited runs and with a mission to instill a mindset of thoughtful consumption. Perennial is partnered with a certified B-Corp manufacturer in the US, where all of our garments are carefully cut and sewn by talented women and created in an entirely zero-waste facility focused on creating positive impact on both their community and the planet.


Perennial strives to give more than we take. From our design process to our collaborations, sourcing and production methods, we are committed to slow fashion practices that benefit both people and the planet. We hope that through our mission and our methods we can inspire thoughtful consumption and drive positive impact.

For inquirers about collaborating: 

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