The concept of sustainability is founded on three pillars; social, environmental and economic and is defined as 'meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.'  


Perennial is partnered with a certified B-Corp manufacturer in the US, where all of our garments are cut and sewn by talented women and created in an entirely zero-waste facility.  We are constantly looking to support and collaborate with local artisans, craftsman and creatives who share our mission in creating positive impact through beauty and share our passion for sustainable design.


Perennial strives to create as little environmental impact as possible. Each garment is designed to transcend time and place, to be inherently trend resistant and truly seasonless. Our collection is comprised of high quality, innovative fabrics within three categories;  natural  fabrics are carefully sourced directly from the mill, vintage Japanese fabrics sourced directly though a collector and handwoven fabrics developed  in collaboration with a local weaver using ethically and environmentally conscious fibers.  As most of a garments environmental impact takes place after the purchase, we make sure to take into account the care of each garment in addition to the resources needed to create it. Our approach to production mimics our dedication to slow fashion, producing small editions of garments on a seasonless rotation, with all of our scrap and unused materials recycled and repurposed into new creations.


Perennial's economic strategy is founded on a commitment to organic growth and dedication to supporting small businesses and local economies. We are not driven by explosive growth, but rather to the people we  work to support and the impact we hope to achieve.

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